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Event Highlights – The Legacy Centenary Torch Relay 2023

By The Perfect Events Group Team
1 min read | October 31, 2023

The Legacy Centenary Torch Relay 2023, presented by Defence Health, was a 6-month campaign that included 60 different relays, in various locations. The team dedicated to this project travelled intermittently from April – October 2023, with relay days and other related events popping up at every turn. This event travelled over 50,000km, starting in Pozieres, France then to Belgium and onto London, where the only overseas Legacy Club is located. The torch then travelled to home soil, Australia visiting all states and territories, concluding at The Shrine of Remembrance where the Legacy flame was returned to the eternal flame.

Each relay leg consisted of several stakeholders including, The Legacy Club, the local council, the local police, traffic management, first aid and security. It also included our audience of Torch Bearers and Volunteers. Each relay had the same concept but with a unique spin on it to pay special homage to the town it was taking place in.

There were so many highlights from this event, team shenanigans, great views, and some memorable lines. Here are some of our favourites:

  • Team dinners on the road were amazing bonding moments.
  • We had what could only be described as a ‘divine intervention’ moment when we had a last-minute change of walker location. A brother and sister kiss torches at the exact spot where they had spread their father’s ashes, on the 30th anniversary of his death.
  • Seeing some of the ADF members who supported us for the entire 6 months. Some of whom were honoured to carry the torch in the Melbourne Finale. It was a beautiful full-circle moment.
  • WE MET KISS.. and they support us! (pinch me)
  • WE MET THE KING.. and he labelled PEG CEO as a “Genius” (nope, it wasn’t a dream)
  • Our international travels to France and England

The best highlight of all though was seeing the smiling faces of our Torch Bearers and knowing how much this event means to them. Hearing how the work of Legacy changes people’s lives was touching. This whole experience just helped to engrave in our team the importance of what we do and why we love and have the passion to manage events like this.

This event was a once in a lifetime for anybody who participated. It is an event that the PEG team will forever be proud of.

We’ll be sharing more about our tips for event planning on the road, video highlights from the past 6 months, and so much more very shortly, so make sure you’re watching your inbox for our updates.

By The Perfect Events Group Team
1 min read | October 31, 2023

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