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Your Go To Agency For Innovative Event & Experiential Marketing Campaigns

Want to know the secret to creating an unforgettable branding experience that’ll leave a lasting impression on your target market? Introducing innovative events & experiential marketing! At The Perfect Events Group, we’re the go-to experiential marketing agency effortlessly blending creativity, precision, and technology to craft unique marketing experiences and event magic! 
We’ll listen, without judgment. 
We’ll ask questions, without pushing. 
And we’ll formulate a plan, with all the necessary steps to help you reach your marketing and financial aspirations.
Having a mixed bag of creatives, strategists and tech geeks, we have the combined knowledge and skills to curate marketing campaigns that result in proven performance and long term business growth. Let’s work together.

Our Approach To Marketing

In today’s fast-paced world, for businesses to stand out, they need to think outside the box – and that’s exactly what we do. Forget cookie-cutter, run-of-the-mill and boring marketing campaigns. We help our clients shape their businesses into brands that can’t be ignored.

How? We delve deep into our client’s brands to uncover their unique story and use experiential marketing events to allow their target market to form a memorable connection with their products and services. 

What we do PERFECTLY

We know every brand is unique, requiring a tailored approach to its marketing. That’s why we offer various marketing services, from strategy to creative, innovative marketing campaigns, paid media, and digital marketing. With a mixed bag of creatives, strategists, and tech geeks, we have the combined knowledge, skills, and experience to cater to every bold and ambitious goal. 

Our Process

  1. 1. Let’s be friends

    If we are going to build you a strategy that is true to who you are as a brand, we need to learn all about who you are, what you stand for and what you want to achieve. To do this, we make friends first. We want your brands personality and core values to shine through. It is how we make a campaign emotive and one that resonates with your audience. We are sponges. We want to know it all.

  2. 2. We strategise

    Once we know all about who you are and what you want, we go away and collaboratively formulate a plan specifically for you. Nothing is cut and paste at PEG. We will assign the necessary people with the skill sets required to nail the brief. 

  3. 3. We workshop it

    We want you to be happy with what we are doing so we call this the “buy in phase”. We present you with a strategy aligned with your return-on-marketing-investment, and by the end of this phase, we will have a ready -to-execute plan for your brand.

  4. 4. Campaign creation

    This is our favourite part. We will live and breathe the developed strategy and put together a refined and well thought out campaign, keeping you across what we are doing as little or as much as you desire.

  5. 5. The launch!

    Here is where the magic happens, and we get to pull all the strategic levers we put together as part of our master plan. It is not an uncommon occurrence to find us ‘geeking’ it up watching results and analysing data and campaign trends. 

    We understand that campaigns may need tweaking, so we keep a close eye on the performance of those strategic levers to ensure they are slaying their purpose. If they aren’t, we re-evaluate and force them to.

  6. 6. Reporting

    The fun stuff is over but the benefits continue to be reaped within the “walls” of your brand. You will receive an extensive report on your campaign detailing what we did and what was achieved. The creative stuff is fun but data doesn’t lie. 

    The last conversation we will have will about your next project. Because were friends now.


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