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Our expert graphic design services will help your brand reach new heights of activation. Whether you want to create a brand from scratch, rebrand, or build on your brand strategy – we harness collateral design and digital and print assets flawlessly to help you succeed in all your event and marketing endeavors. 

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Our Design Services

We’re in the business of turning heads! We offer strategic, creative, design services that breathe life into your brand and are event and marketing-focused. Our unmatched event graphics will help your brand stand out from the crowd.

After learning your unique story, we work closely with you to explore ideas that aim to humanise and connect your brand to the modern world. 

Whether you’re a budding brand who needs help getting on your feet, want to build on existing strategy, or rebrand yourself entirely – we’ve got your back! 
Passion and precision are important to us so we never overlook details. We take time going over your event graphic design from collateral design and digital assets and print, until all aspects are perfectly aligned.

Why Choose The Perfect Events Group For Your Designs

The Perfect Events Group is an event and marketing-focused graphic design agency that thinks strategically about how to elevate your brand. While you focus on getting important stuff done, we help conceptualise creative ideas that breathe life into your image.

Passion and precision underpin everything we do. We’ll get to know you inside out, paying attention to understanding each piece and tailoring design that aligns with your goals. Every detail comes together to create the perfect event or campaign.

With years of experience, we have the perfect approach to bringing your story to life. Our insightful services will have you taking on the world and connecting with your ideal audience in no time.

We’ve created killer events for some amazing companies

At PEG, each project is approached with passion and precision that’s aimed to perfectly align with each brand’s unique voice. We pride ourselves on bringing brands to life through stellar design concepts that are strategically aligned with events and marketing.

Since 2007, we’ve built up an impeccable resume, working with many amazing companies on stunning events and campaigns from Equal Access For Autism to the Melbourne International Film Festival.

Our Process

  1. 1. Tell us what you want

    The design brief will become the cornerstone of your design. Once you have completed the questionnaire, we will know your predefined goals, style, brand guidelines and prerequisites for the project.

  2. 2. Conceptual Phase

    While you are off kicking goals within your organisation, we will be brainstorming, researching and coming up with some creative concepts for you to consider. This is our favourite phase.

  3. 3. Design Review

    This is our clients favourite phase and a very important one where we need structured and meaningful feedback from you. It is important to get feedback from each required stakeholder so that all the refinements can be done at one time.
    Review, approve, deliver.

    Once all of your stakeholders are happy with the design, we complete the artwork and deliver in all required formats including the raw file. While some designers opt to keep the artwork for IP reasons, we believe it is all yours. (but we keep one on file, just in case) 😊

  4. 4. Review, approve, deliver

    Once all of your stakeholders are happy with the design, we complete the artwork and deliver in all required formats including the raw file. While some designers opt to keep the artwork for IP reasons, we believe it is all yours. (but we keep one on file, just in case) 😊


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Have Questions?

  • How Do We Ensure That The Event Graphics Align With Our Event's Theme And Brand Identity?

    Before creating any event graphics, our first mission is to get to know you. We work with precision to understand your unique goals, style and brand guidelines and prerequisites thoroughly. This is done by creating an open dialogue from the start. 

    We follow a four-step process to make sure you’re entirely happy with all decisions, every step of the way. Only once all relevant stakeholders give the thumbs up on the design graphics do we proceed to the final approval stage.

  • What Is The Typical Design Process For Creating Event Materials?

    We follow a four-step design process. Firstly, we’ll ask you to complete a questionnaire so you can tell us exactly what you want. (We want to know what all your unique goals, style, brand guidelines and prerequisites are!). A design brief can then start to be created. 

    Step two is our conceptual phase, which is used to continue to build a creative dialogue with you, allowing us to bring new concepts and ideas into the picture.

    Step three involves us formulating a detailed design review, where we focus on getting meaningful and structured feedback from you. Through our feedback process, we work on achieving successful outcomes to help your brand stand out from the crowd. 

    Finally, step four is the final part of our design process where we review, approve and deliver. This step is only reached once every stakeholder is happy with the event design materials.

  • How Do You Handle Tight Deadlines For Event Design Projects?

    If you’re after an organised team and a perfect event graphic designer experience, you’ve come to the right place! Precision makes up part of our perfect approach. At PEG, we use our years of combined experience and passion to create flawless event design projects and campaigns. 

    All of our projects are thoroughly mapped out well in advance, as we know that the planning of any event, campaign or activation starts well before launch day. 

    Tell us when you need the design and we’ll get the ball rolling!

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