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What makes an event fabulous? Was it the food and beverages or the entertainment and MC? The difference between a ho-hum event and an event that’s not only memorable but achieves its goals is the organisational expertise behind it.


The Perfect Events Group specialises in event sponsorship packages in Australia and overseas. Since 2007, our passionate and dedicated team of event sponsorship specialists have organised events that attract long-term partnerships and make a memorable impact in the community. Our team has curated and delivered thousands of events and campaigns across Australia and internationally. 


When it comes to an event that’s innovative and creative, you can depend on The Perfect Events Group to deliver. As a leading event sponsorship company, our team works tirelessly to attract the right partner to open up new opportunities. We burn the midnight oil, so you don’t have to.


When you engage with The Perfect Events Group, you get peace of mind that it will be memorable – for all the right reasons.

How Our Sponsorship Packages Work

Ready to elevate your sponsorship packages to the next level without breaking the bank?
The Perfect Events Group sponsorship packages are a collection of marketing services that include various sponsorship levels with different benefits.  Since 2007, our team has acquired sponsorship for our clients by offering competitive and valuable sponsorship package options.
Our sponsorship packages can help you increase awareness around a new product or service launch, expand to new target audiences and increase your brand awareness with an existing audience.


The Perfect Events Group sponsorship acquisition process finds out what makes your sponsors tick, which can include:
Getting access to a new audience database.
Improving credibility by being associated with an event.
Building brand recognition.

The Perfect Events Group provides the ‘secret sauce’ to your events. Say goodbye to drab and hello to successful and memorable events. By taking the time to understand your sponsor’s motivations, goals, and objectives, they will find suitable sponsorship opportunities

What We Can Do

The Perfect Events Group offers a range of services to help your organisation raise money.


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  • Do You Handle Post-Event Reporting And Evaluation For Sponsors?

    The Perfect Events Group believes post-event reporting and evaluation are vital to event organising. We provide sponsors with reports on the financial impact their role has had. This post-event reporting also helps our clients focus on tactics that boost brand recognition.

  • What Demographic Information And Audience Insights Do You Provide To Sponsors?

    The Perfect Events Group provides demographic information and audience insights to sponsors so they can stay aligned with their target market. Our demographic insights can help sponsors determine the purchasing power of their audience. These insights include: 

    • Gender
    • Location
    • Age
    • Education level
    • Income
  • How Can Interested Parties Inquire About Event Sponsorship Opportunities With Your Company?

    Researching how we can help you create amazing and successful events? Since 2007, The Perfect Events Group has provided event sponsorship opportunities for businesses and organisations. Find out how we can do good things for your business.

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