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We provide end-to-end event marketing solutions in Australia to ensure the success of your event. Handling everything from event management and event delivery and logistics to audio-visual production, we use our years of expertise in the industry to create memorable experiences for you.

Our aim? To disrupt your industry enough to leave a mark.

We thrive in a collaborative culture and see our clients as part of our team, living up to our internal motto, “One Team, One Dream”… and we believe it is how we create unique, memorable experiences each and every time.

When it comes to events, we have done them all from corporate functions to gala dinners, charity runs to torch relays and from festivals to large scale international events.

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What sets us apart?

A culture supported by values of trust and a service offering that means everything can be done for your event under one roof. Planning. Management. Execution. Marketing. PR. Design.

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Our Process

The perfect plan


    In the initiation phase of The Perfect Plan, we develop a comprehensive understanding of the brief and identify the scope of works. This also includes developing a relationship with key stakeholders.


    This step involves everything from theming, venue, entertainment and theatrics and aesthetics and through our substantial experience we have developed a unique and innovate approach.
    Team Brainstorming – 25 brains are better than 1!
    Research – Qualitative & Quantitive Concept Development –  Honouring our clients’ vision and exceeding our clients’ expectation.

  3. 3. PLANNING

    Our first key deliverable, following the clients approval of the concept is the Project Plan! The Project Plan consists of:

    Detailed timelines, budget development and management, team resourcing, meeting schedules with key stakeholders, suppliers, venue management and all things unique to your event.


    The fun part. This is where you get to see your event vision come to life! You will have constant contact with our team ensuring a seamless execution.

  5. 5. CLOSURE

    The fun stuff might be over, but you can’t get rid of us that quickly. Post event we will hold a debrief session where all elements ofthe event are discussed with key stakeholders. Following this, we will collate
    feedback from all parties (including partners and suppliers) and produce a Debrief Report.

Thinkers. Believers. Achievers.

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Have Questions?

  • How Long Does The Event Planning Process Take?

    The length of the event planning process depends on several factors, including the size and scope of the event, the number of attendees, and the budget. In general, most events require at least 6 months of planning. So, if you’re wondering “How long does it take to plan an event?” The more time, the better.

  • Why Is Event Marketing Important?

    Event marketing is a powerful tool to help you achieve your marketing goals. Event marketing is important for many reasons, including:

    • Increased brand awareness and product exposure
    • Reaching a target audience
    • Developing relationships with new leads and existing customers
    • Building a pipeline with new and engaged leads
    • Incorporating an effective sales strategy to convert leads and boost sales
    • Establishing leadership and credibility
      Customer research and feedback
  • What Type Of Budget Should You Be Planning For Your Event?

    The type of budget you should be planning for your event depends on several factors, such as the size of the event, the number of people involved, and the availability of funds. However, in general, there are three main types of budgets: fixed budgets, variable budgets, and contingency budgets.
    A fixed budget is a set amount of money to spend on your event. A variable budget is an amount that can change depending on certain factors. Lastly, a contingency budget is a budget set up for unexpected expenses.

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